Have you ever wanted a form of communication that has the same speed and potential as a rocket?  Being that the Internet has become one of the most used forms of communication on Earth.  There are many products and services that are offered on the Internet that can be accessed from computers or many mobile phones with Internet capability.  One of the many communication products that is offered on the Internet is a company whose name comes from the Czech word Raketu, which means rocket.  Raketu is the place where communication meets media and people simply by using this application.

Raketu has many products that are available to computer and mobile phone users.  You can save money by using Raketu’s services that consists of international calling, IM with any network, IP TV, feeds and more.  Raketu products are fully synchronized and can be accessed from any mobile, website, download, WiFi, dial up or broadband network.  There are no security risks when using this communication application and has been compared to Skype whose network can be vulnerable to security breaches.   Raketu has unbeatable prices that some products and services start at $9.95 for unlimited calling, which is unbeatable anywhere.  Not only does this company offer products for computers but also for smart phones, voicemail service, conference calling, sms text messaging and much more.  This service accepts many currencies and service is available in many countries around the world, which makes Raketu a leader in global communication.

The company doesn’t have the ability to send out sms messages yet but I’m sure in the future you will be able to. However, what they do have is a way to make calls using the sms feature in your phone! A big bonus is that you can get 30mins of free talk time! Download the program and see for yourself!

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