During the last occasions I’ve been writing about several Apple iPhone Apps or services that allow free sms. Well 3Jam, a company that I reviewed in the past has improved their Blackberry SMS application. The company is now fully out of beta even with a new great look. I haven’t used their website in a while or their services. I cannot vouch to much on the Blackberry sms app but it does look good and positive that they’ve improved on it. That is always a good sign of a great company.

Anyway, here are a list of features

  • Faster Texting
  • Threaded SMS
  • Group SMS Text
  • Scrolling IM Views
  • Multiple Lines
  • Flexible Settings

To check it out directly from your Blackberry go directly here: http://ota.3jam.com/bb/.

Also, I’ve updated the website so you’re able to view it on your mobile much easier and faster. However, subscribing to the rss would make it a lot easier also, unless you’re interested in viewing photos.