I’m so happy after few months ago, Rebtel added sending sms to their already great services! I used Rebtel to contact my friends who live in other countries and the phone service is great. Although, the sms is in beta I have noticed that all of my sms have an 100% delivery rate! The sms prices are very competitive and if you have a lot of friends you could earn credits by getting them to join. Just tell your friends and you’ll get $10 credited to your account. Thats’ of course if they add credits themselves.

reb review

There are many communication companies that claim that they have the best rates when it comes to, international calling.  Majority of these companies have products and services for those who use mobile phones to place these domestic or international calls.  This service has become one of the most used forms of communication on the planet besides Instant Messaging (IM).   There is one company that has some of the lowest international calling rates.  Rebtel is one of the leaders in international mobile rates that are as low as 3 cents a minute.  This low price international communications company is based in Sweden offers some of the best mobile service throughout the world.  Rebtel is available to mobile phone users in over 50 countries around the world.  These users can call anywhere in the world, rates may differ depending on country.


Rebtel is a mobile international calling company that requires no downloading to avoid security risks and no contracts required.  Other international communication companies require downloading and may require contracts that do not give users the freedom of using the service or any other service.  This is why many of the users who make international calls frequently choose Rebtel when using their mobile phones.

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