Hands down WHATSAPP!!

Why, its easier to use, more features and I love the broadcast messenger. Ping was nice when it first came out but the improvement and details of Whatsapp clearly is the forefront winner. Sending text with data is the best thing that ever happened. However of course not all users have 3g/4g mobile phones or carriers that support it. However, if you can and if you’re friends have it. Give WhatsApp a chance. Right now the Whatsapp rates are:

  • iPhone: $0.99 in the Apple Store
  • Blackberry: Free
  • Android: First Year Free / $1.99

The only con that I can think of for most of these SMS Apps are, scheduling. Thats where a website such as SMSCity comes in, however, broadcasting is good enough if you send it before peak hours/holidays such as Christmas and New Years. I recommend sending those out as soon as possible!!

Check out the details at the website: http://www.whatsapp.com