Throughout the world there are individuals that use SMS text messaging as their main form of communication.  Now there is a service that gives mobile phone users the opportunity to send SMS text messages to any mobile phone in the world.  Many individuals that use SMS text messaging have the opportunity to save money and keep in touch with loved ones that may be in a location across the world.

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This service has been available to mobile phone users for 8 years and has over 600,000 user accounts.  Ipipi is the name of this international SMS text messaging service and is a part of the Upside Wireless Network.  Many users have the enjoyment of have to pay low rates starting at 12 cent per message and can be sent to any mobile phone across the planet.  With Ipipi you can send SMS text messaging and also picture mail from your PC or mobile phone.  Users from all over the world that have the need to send SMS text messaging internationally tend to choose Ipipi to handle their SMS text messaging service.  Ipipi also has business accounts for corporations that have the need for SMS services such as, SMS text messaging and marketing accounts. Plus they have picture messaging which I like because you can send to multiple friends and the price is much better than my operator!