The company Pinger has now announced that their very popular iPhone App,  Textfree Unlimited will now offer the app free. They have scratched the yearly fee of $5.99 for all iDevice owners. How does it work? First download the app from iTunes or your device directly.

After you load the app, you will have to register by adding your (login display name, email address). Next you will be asked to enter a U.S. zip code to assign a local telephone number to receive text only. If you have family and friends in a certain area its best to assign that area code. Although now it doesn’t matter because most carrier text packages are nationwide and are the same price.

Next, once you receive this number and verify your email address you can start sending free unlimited textfree sms messages with the Pinger app. When I tried it all went smooth and my friends from back home answered and replied smoothly as promised.

What more can you ask for? Its free!! If you want to remove the adds, you have to pay $5.99 but because its unlimited you can just send as many as you like without worrying about character limits!

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