Wow! Do you use GMAIL as your primary email client? Well I think you should. Its free and its getting better than ever. Right now there are no other email providers that offer free sms. Google Labs is offering users a chance to send messages right inside of the chat area. Look at the screenshot below

First you must use Gmail and when you login you should see an announcement at the top stating New Labs! Tasks & SMS. This will take you to the Labs section where you can enable your Gmail account to send SMS from the chat area.

Right now sending sms to US phones only from the Gmail chat. I’m not sure if anyone will create an application where sms can be sent worldwide, but if you’re sending to US mobile phones you’re in luck! Right now after testing there is no limit in the characters and it doesn’t give you notification that the message was sent. You’ll have to test for yourself.

Enjoy and get GMAIL if you don’t already 🙂