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Free SMS Mac Widget

If you’re trying to send a free text message to anyone located in the USA or Canada and use an APPLE Mac you can now download a free txt message widget. The company at TxTDrop offers a SMS Widget for the MAC OS X system....

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3Jam Super Text Messages

 The Text Message company 3Jam is now offering in BETA the Super TEXT anyone and anytime for free! You can send and receive text messages from your web Inbox totally free. Right now its pretty full and they are accepting members...

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New Samsung F480 Review

Have you seen the new Samsung F480 Tocco its a slick thin new mobile phone by Samsung of course. Its truly a piece of art with the sleek design and can be compared to the iPHONE but with more in the inside and a great price. As...

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cbfsms text

Have you tried the website “cbfsms text” to send free text messages? Well, you should at least give it a try. If you live in the UK, this is one of the top free sms text websites around. It is fairly easy to use, as...

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Determing A Cell Phone To Buy

1. What will be the mobile phone’s primary function? Do you need to keep track of your schedule better, or be able to categorize and prioritize your daily tasks? Do you need to show clients some photographs or video? Do you...

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