Samsung F480 ToccoHave you seen the new Samsung F480 Tocco its a slick thin new mobile phone by Samsung of course. Its truly a piece of art with the sleek design and can be compared to the iPHONE but with more in the inside and a great price. As I like to get my phones unlocked, its a great price but because I’m writing this based on the UK model the operators offer better prices for contracted phones.

The Samsung F480 is a touch screen and packaged with a lot of gadgets. The specifications of the is phone is pretty much standard like most new cell phones as you can use it throughout any country because of the Tri-Band options. It also contains Bluetooth, MP3 and memory card slot. One of my favorite features of this phone is the large mega pixels of the camera that is included. The camera is a whopping 5 mega pixel which is not so standard these days.

Other Features 

  • Video Recording
  • SMS, MMS, Emailing
  • Office Doc viewer, PDF
  • Large Display  240 x 320 pixels (2.8 inch)

If you’ve never tried  Samsung mobile phones, you should think about going to your cell phone store just to get a feel for it. Its not as easy as Nokia but its a great gadget and phone. After you get a good feel for you, search online to compare prices because of course prices change all the time with operators and services!