Author: Todd

Samsung Omnia Better Than The Rest

Ever since Apple came out with the IPhone in 2007 people have been to get on the touch screen bandwagon because of its new slick technology. Before the Iphone became so popular I actually wanted one back in 2006 but I was...

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Send Free Txt Verizon

If you have a friend that uses the Verizon mobile operator you’ll be able to send free text messages if you’re online. The company has a website called that allows visitors to send free txt to Verizon...

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Send Free Txt To Bell Mobility Phones

If you know someone located in Canada and uses the service provider Bell Mobility  you can send free sms messages online to them! You can either enter your email as the recipient or your mobile phone number. There is a 140...

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Talksms Free Text Messages

TalkSMS is a free text link company that offers you a chance to send 3 free text messages around the world. If you’re mobile phone is located in the UK,Norway or Sweden you get the chance to send 210 free sms without any...

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