I just discovered SMScity send free text messages and other VOIP calls options. After you register at SMScity you’re given 30 days to send free sms during the Happy Hour. But you’re given the option to send outside of the Happy Hour time zones if you top up with credit. If you want to send a regular free sms, an advertisement will be attached at the end of each message.

Another great feature that I’ve found with Smscity is that you can send a free wallpaper with your text messages. However, that is not allowed when you send free sms. One downfall in the service for me is that if you add credit to your account you have to add an extra credit to remove the advertisement. If you’re adding money to your account you should not have to pay to remove the ads, it should be included..

The website is in several languages

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Turkish