Did you know how easy it is with a smart phone that has WIFI and 3G to send free text messages online? Well its possible and easier in your hand. Back in the day you’d have to either be on your PDA (which is never guaranteed do to scripts) or at your computer in the house or office. Well now smart phones are even smarter and are capable of handling more Web 2.0 websites and scripts which you can usually only call up on your home computer.

Many of the top free sms websites which I’ve reviewed are usuable on the following WIFI enable mobile phones. If you don’t have an iPHONE, Samsung, HTC, Nokia or Sony Ericsson smart phone yet, you might want to look into buying it to save money!

  • Apple iPhone, iTouch
  • Nokia N95, N96, Nokia 5800 Express Music
  • Samsung i300, Samsung Pixon, Samsung Omni, Tocco, i600
  • Sony Ericsson X1, P1i, Sony Ericsson G705, K660i
  • HTC Touch Diamond, HTC 3G, Touch Pro, G1 (Google)

[phpbay]iphone, 1, “”, “”, “”, “”, “100”[/phpbay]
[phpbay]htc diamond, 1, “”, “”, “”, “”, “50”[/phpbay]
[phpbay]nokia 5800, 1, “”, “”, “”, “”, “50”[/phpbay]