The last post I made Andrew commented about the service not being totally free. As a free sms researcher I try my best to find a way for my users and visitors to get free sms during the day. Whether it is a 10 free sms trial or monthly, you’ll have a chance to send free sms to friends if you’re online. Many operators are charging an arm and a leg to send to text msgs to different operators and in other countries.

Anyway, back on track I wanted to review the Tatango SMS service which Andrew made note of in his comment. Tatango is similiar to EzTexting in that the service allows you to send messages to groups and personal users, BUT it is 100% free to reciepients.

How does it work? Well its quite simple

  1. Register here
  2. Set up a group (names and phone number)
  3. Start sending free text to groups and voice messages

Note: View screenshots of how Tatango Groups funcion

The voice message service is new and free as of October 14th 2008! Below is a video of Tatango voice.

The service is only available for USA Mobile Numbers and Phones