samsung omniaEver since Apple came out with the IPhone in 2007 people have been to get on the touch screen bandwagon because of its new slick technology. Before the Iphone became so popular I actually wanted one back in 2006 but I was waiting for something new and nice. However, I don’t like to have the same phone as well everyone so I skipped over and now I see a whole new breed of phones that match up to the IPHONE or even better like the Samsung Omnia.

This phone has been in the works for some time now but in June 2008 they revealed their new top touch screen phone. I have never had a Samsung but with this current small selection of really good touch screen phones, this one is actually really great. It is based on Windows Mobile operating system so it makes it a little bit more compatible than the rival Apple IPHONE 1 or 2.0.

Why do I like this Samsung phone? Well in 2004 I had the pleasure of meeting a friend from Asia and because Asia is the capital of the world for electronics and phones I check out which brand he had, and it was Samsung. Back then color displays weren’t available in the USA and he had it with video. So I knew it was a great competitive brand.

The Samsung Omnia 16GB is great because of the storage capacity which is bigger than my second Dell Notebook hard drive. You could actually use it as a back up drive if you wanted it. That’s a lot of space and the video and features are great.

Here are some of the technical specifications of the phone

  • Touch Screen: 240×400 px, 3.2 in, TFT LCD
  • Memory: 128MB Ram
  • Camera Resolution: 5MB
  • Storage Space: 16GB
  • Locality: Quadband
  • Mobile System: Microsoft Mobile 6.1 Pro
  • Battery: Li-On

Where can you purchase this Samsung? Well these are available of course cheaper if you purchase through a mobile carrier. I personally like my phone unlocked being that I travel around the world and have to change cards more often that most people. I also don’t like yearly contracts or 2-year minimum just to get a cell phone cheaper. So you might have to check on your current mobile operator to see if the phone is available if you want it cheaper. If  not, there are tons of places online where you can buy it unlocked.