If you live in Germany you might want to take advantage of the free 30 SMS messages during 14 days by Message Monster. However after the first 14days are up you’re offered a chance to send for only 9.90 euros per month for unlimited messagemonster sms throughout Germany! This is a great deal if you do send many text messages and you’re online a lot. Depending on your operator the price and rise when you send to different mobile companies. Ranging from 0.05 – 0.17 for a simple text.

flat rate

The messagemonster beta offers you a chance to try the free text to Germany mobile phones for 14 days which is not bad and 30 free sms text per month! Free Message Monster Beta allows the user within 14 days a total of 35 SMS from PC to send. The service is free and without obligation. After signing with email and address data, there is a code to this email address.