834538_phone_1.jpg1. What will be the mobile phone’s primary function? Do you need to keep track of your schedule better, or be able to categorize and prioritize your daily tasks? Do you need to show clients some photographs or video? Do you listen to downloadable audio books or mp3 music, or do a lot of self-development reading?

2. What will be the secondary use for the mobile phone? Re-answering some of the above questions, and some of your own, will help you decide where else your interests are.

3. Does it need to have a built-in microphone and sound?

4. What physical size should it be? Does it need to be small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or small purse, or do you plan to use a book-style cover that can also hold other items?

5. What kind of specialized software do you plan to run on it? This will determine a number of factors, including the processing power and memory you will need, and the type of operating system.

6. What kind of expansion card do you like to use or maybe already have in your digital camera etc.? If you have a digital camera that uses a certain type of memory card, you may consider buying a mobile phone with a similar expansion card. This way, you can take pictures with your camera, then plug the camera’s card into your mobile phone and download the photos directly onto the unit. Some mobile phone’s, however, come with a built-in camera.

7. Does the mobile phone need a wireless connection to the Internet or to other equipment, even your computer?